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>> pelley: tonight, the ambassador's s.o.s. document after document shows chris stevens asked the state department for more security before he was killed in libya. sharyl attkisson has the story. as the campaign grows shorter, the attacks grow sharper. the president accuses mitt romney of forgetting his own positions. >> i think it's called romnesia. (laughter) >> pelley: the romney campaign calls the remark "unpresidential ." reports from nancy cordes and jan crawford. she's not only brave, she's tough. the teenager shot by the taliban comes out of her coma. charlie d'agata is at the hospital. and "on the road." steve hartman joins the hunt for a primate. he's little but he's at large. >> i realize he's made a monkey out of me. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. in the weeks before his death, u.s. ambassador chris stevens sent the state department several requests for increased security for diplomats in libya. stevens and three other americans were killed this past september 11 in a terrorist attack on the u.
. >> edie ortiz, bill moundsy, steven hemnay -- nomnay and amara. >> good evening. thank you for nothing. you give cab drivers absolutely nothing. you take away, take away. we serve the city just like muni drivers serve the city but you don't care about us. i -- just like the lady who got reward. i come in all the time. nobody gives me awards. listen. i've lived in the city for 42 years. i've been a cab driver for 23 of those years. is that it? you disgust me, the way you do this one minute. you are unbelievable. you are so right wing conservative. this is a city of harry bridges. this is a liberal city. not a conservative city, where you give cabs to the cab 9 i been on the list 17 years. i get nothing. you give away our rights. you give away our rights and our lives. i have wasted my life. i have given up -- i have given up -- >> chairman nolan: next speaker. >> steven heimnay. security. >> i have. steven heimnay -- >> with all due respect to you guys giving us a minute you're getting paid to be mere. my cab that you just issued a new medallion for is in the garage so i can give you mo
and the vehicle mountain weapons. these were the weapons used to kill stevens and three other americans on 9/11. >> the fall of gaddafi after four decades of authoritarian rule led to disbursal of tens of thousands of small and heavy weapons and lawlessness. al-qaeda affiliated group, including al-qaeda in the aqim and other extremist groups are likely to take advantage of the ongoing political turmoil in libya. he added the u.s. government remained concern such individuals and groups may use libya as platform from which to conduct attacks in the region. >> there are two aspects to look at. one leading up to the attack. or a cover up or gross incompetence following it. >> state department spokesman told me the secretary of state will fully address these matters only after the department interim review board has submitted its findings on benghazi. congressman cummings of maryland lashed out at chairman issa accusing issa of promoting the most negative and distorted view. >> bret: joinbe me later tonight for a special investigation, death and deceit in benghazi. you can see it at 10:00 p.m. ea
that was the situation that the character steven was in. he was in a place he didn't want to be. he was far from people he wanted to be close to. he was not in his territory. that's how i felt writing by myself, far from home, not wanting to do it everyday from the time i got up to the time i got drunk but i did. and the second half was written all in a month. and it worked for this book. i can't say it might work for every other book it probably wouldn't work for any other book. i started this book in third person and thought for sure as a young man's voice in first person. i went in third person and i was 5 pages in and said, this doesn't sound right or read right, something's wrong. i went back because i learned from my first book, you have to think about voice and where it's coming from. i went back and put it in first person and realized it started to work. what i did was put it in the journal entries and it became what i should have known from the beginning because a began my colleges career as a film major wanting to make films not knowing i wanted to tell stories on the page and not on the scre
released new documents that show the u.s. ambassador there chris stevens warned of weak security across that country. and he did so the day of the deadly attack in benghazi. it's new, fox news information. we'll have the details next. plus, bunga bunga is back. the former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi and the allegations that he slept with and underaged dancer known as ruby the heart steeler. the whole mess in court today. bunga bunga sex parties may be back behind him. we have new stuff. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and best in class 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. ♪ introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima. it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ playing sports is just innomy whole life.cites. looking back, if it wasn't for shriners hospital, things would just be really, really different. i lost my leg when i was a kid. there was a time when i felt like i wasn't go
-on a stunning pile of letters and cables from our murdered ambassador chris stevens warning of his fears and saying violence is about to worse even, and wait until you hear the details and hear about what state was telling him about increased security and their refusal to provide it. megyn: fox news alert. moment ago we started getting details from a pile of document from the state department on security in libya in the weeks and months leading up to the terrorist attack that took the lives of four americans and they chock full of information. james rosen will be here in moment to bring you the full details. the document reveal that our u.s. ambassador chris stevens was increasingly worried about security threats in the weeks before he and three others were killed on 9/11 of this year. we knew that from the diary cnn found in the wake of his murder. but we are learning more about his pleas for help from washington. the requests were repeatedly denied in the months leading up to his murder. the document show the security officers repeatedly sound alarms to their superiors in washington ab
chris stevens. in nearly six weeks the president has refused to tell what happened, why, with the administrations is doing and the fact of the benghazi attacks on foreign policy. the administraton has tried to change their sory to rewrite the narrative eve as it unfolded. the miniry should focus was on the nti-muslim video as the cause of the tragedy. the secretary of state made no reference of ankind as a terrorist attacks. >> americans couldn't to religious tolerance goes back to the beginning of our nation. let me be clear. there is no justification. lou: only 40 minutes later esident made an appearance in the rose garden. he talked for five minutes much of that time talking about his september 11th merial duties and wounded four years in arlington cemetery and around the world then sd. >> no acts of terror will ever resolve this great nation, alter the character or eclipse the values we stand for. will not waver and our commitment to see justice is done. lou: preceded by reference on september 11th with a terrorist attack on erican soil for that that point* field on
. tonight, we have learned that ambassador chris stevens, who was killed in the attack, repeatedly voiced concern about security in libya, including, we are told, on the day he died. abc's jake tapper has the details. >>eporter: they're the quesons the president cannot escape. why do we still not know what went wrong in benghazi? and why was the administration's response so confusing? last night, comedian jon stewart took his turn. >> i would say you would admit it was not the optimal response, at least to the american people as far as us all being on the same page. >> well, here's what i'll say. >> yeah. >> if four americans get killed, it's not optimal. >> right. >> and we're going to fix it. and -- >> all of it. >> all of it. >> reporter: that remains a work in progress. the president has vowed to bring those responsible to justice, but although government officials suggest that members of an extremist group were involved in the attack, two hours were spent on the pat yoel of a crowded luxury hotel last night with a leader of that group, as he sipped a strawberry frappe. this afternoon
the poll numbers let's bring in anna greenberg and steven seigman, senior vice president of global strategy group as well as a professor at columbia university. thank you for joining us. anna since you're farther away, we'll start with you. as you heard me say to nancy the first stage of grief is denial. there is a tendency among many partisans and democrats to say ah, those numbers don't mean -- what's the current state of the gender gap? >> well, of course the numbers are true. if you look at the share of the vote that obama got in 2008 among women he's not getting that right now. he hasn't been getting it for most of the year. over the course of august and september, and early october he started rebuilding his strength among women primarily because of republican missteps starting with todd akin's comments going into the republican convention and then finally the 47% video. and i think you know, in some ways, the lead that was built primarily on qualifying romney, it wasn't a surprise when he presented himself as s
. steven's story, i asked myself questions. a lot of writers do that that's usually how i begin. what did he do? who did he meet when he got off the train? who was this man servant? what was his life about? it all began with the seeds and the particular questions, as simple as that. although, then, i had to answer them. what i had done is i usual low don't work with an out line. a lot of writers do they will out line what will happen and sometimes they have to because like if you are writing a mystery you need to write out the plot. i write about characters the characters drive the story. when that hatched i sat down and said, what happens is, a, he arrived and gets off the train what's going to happen. >> i know z, he would get on the train and leave at the evented book. i didn't know the alphabet in between. i was nervous and i took one step at a time very japanese like. i began to study and read everything i could find on the japanese culture. the incredible thing was not having everything that went into it and it still became a quiet book. there is a tsunami. there's tv and lep easie
-founder of shelter hoover capital. and steven weiss of short hills capital and author of "the big win." brian kelly, was this predominantly today a technology correction that spread? is that the bottom, bottom line? >> yeah. especially when you look at other asset classes. i mean, we look at the euro. that was barely down today. you look at bonds. they weren't reaching for bonds. the dollar index was barely up. it wasn't up 1% or 2%. it was up less than a half percent, i believe. so it was. it was people repricing, getting out of tech stocks that for some reason they didn't see before that there actually might be a problem in europe. and now we've certainly gone the other direction from where we were on september 13th, 14th. the euphoria over the policy action. now we're at that despair of wow, everything could be really terrible. and i'm with you, larry. i think this is a buying opportunity here. >> well, i'm glad to hear that because you know more about it than i do. steve weiss, welcome back to the program. >> thanks, larry. >> i just want to go -- look, for the week stocks were up a wee bit. fo
stevens, a month before the attacks, he warned, what we have seen are not random crimes of opportunity, but rather targeted attacks, they wrote answers about security failures. and while the president vows to hunt down the killers, libyan authorities are permitting one to walk free, bragging. how will mitt romney challenge the president at the debate? a preview from paul ryan today >> the problem is the story continues to shift. they refuse to answer the basic questions about what happened. >> reporter: intelligence officials do have an explanation, saying they were working with multiple reports. riots in cairo, tunisia and elsewhere over the anti-muslim video. reports in the consulate about contradictions outside the consulate saying there was a protest. intercepted information, planned attacks, linked to the al-qaeda off-shoot. >> this rush to judgment during a presidential campaign i find it to be troubling and i find it to be very distasteful. >> reporter: ambassador stevens wrote this cable on september 11th, the day he was killed, warning that libyan security was too weak. still,
sigman, senior vice president for global strategy group. steven, what i will start with you, what happened to your candidate's big mo? >> look at a poll every two minutes you see something different. melissa: there is momentum here. there is a trend here. >> i actually don't think that's right. i think the trend at the end of this week, if anything is pointed back to the president. but much more important --. melissa: what poll would that be? >> the poll of the "rasmussen poll" today, the ipsos poll today, the marist, "wall street journal" polls in iowa and wisconsin show the president up by six and five points and 18 among women. the polls are going all over the place. what they really --. melissa: there are a lot of polls. >> what they show is close race. melissa: byron, to you, do you think there is trend for mitt romney? a lot of people do? >> in florida, i think something is going on in florida and workiig in mitt romney's favor now. no doubt about it. he seems to be moving ahead. this is not a big sign of victory. florida for romney is a state you don't win it you die. he ha
know that president understands the seriousness of losing four americans including chris stevens who he knew personally very well? >> andrea, i'm not focused as much on the exchange with jon stewart as i am about the -- i think disingenuous answer that the president gave at the debate. you know, the senate gets the top secret briefings and even after the press was putting the timelines together and it was really well known that this was not some spontaneous uprising, it was a planned attack, it was in every media, yet in our briefings to congress, that we were getting from the cia officials and the state department officials, was saying the same thing that the president was trying to put over as the reason this video. and i think that's the most troubling part of this. that it was more let's not go there, we don't want to have this be a political issue, rather than this is a terrorist attack and i'm going to stand up for america. >> well, there was the briefing from -- to the senate in open session from matthew olson, the counterterrorism official who said it was terror attack and the p
to the death of ambassador chris stevens. >> i said this was an act of terror. >> reporter: today republicans are pounces on president obama. >> you would admit it's not the optimal response, at least to the american people as far as all of us being on the same page. >> here's what i will say. if four americans get killed, it's not optimal. >> i can't even get angry. it's so inappropriate. >> when he said it was not optimal, that's a poor choice of words. >> reporter: so the third and time presidential debate is focused op foreign policy. there's a brand-new cnn/orc poll that show has dowed heat. romney has a slight lead, 49% to obama's 48%. we'll have to see how the numbers shake out following that last debate. >>> the big show is opening tonight at the ballet theater of maryland. it's going to be a good time. >> reporter: our very own mike masco is getting a behind the scenes look they're getting ready. >> yeah, they're getting ready. it's the dancing princesses at 7:00. this is the opening night. it will go through the weekend, excellent ballet. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> gov
mission. could you recognize that face holding on to an a.k., possibly while ambassador stevens lay dying inside. we have no word if he's been charged or is even in custody but he sure looks proud. then there's this guy holding up the peace sign, many on the scene photographed by cell phone. this is the scene of a crime. these are pictures at the scene of a crime. the u.s. mission still on fire while this is going on. where are these men? have they been questioned? are they in custody? do we know anything about them? who was their leader? one person who may know something about this is the reporter who was breaking this story, david kirkpatrick, he sat down with the suspected ring leader having the frappe. he joins us over the phone from benghazi, libya. i was just sastounded by your report. does the suspect admit he had anything to do with the murders and the attacks? >> reporter: no, he said he was on the scene and arrived after the shooting had begun and was basically trying to break up a traffic jam. he said he had nothing to do with any acts of aggression that night. he's only suspec
that go back there. they are so sobering. it's not just on the very day. ambassador stevens, on the day that he was killed. the evidence is overwhelming. i think that is why the campaign all of a sudden has gone quiet. you to talk to the white house. i think they are getting lawyers, they have to lawyer up on this thing. they are too far out on it. >> eric: unbelievable what they dug up. on september 11, day he was killed ambassador stevens cabled "it's sensitive." he noted growing problems with security in benghazi. growing frustration. what we have seen are not random crime of opportunity but targeted and discriminant attacks. the al-qaeda flag is spotted. >> bob: that doesn't look like a similar cable like that went out to every embassy -- >> eric: the man died the same day. the same day. >> bob: what lawyer up, the only way you lawyer up is to go before congress and sworn in and you lie about it. >> dana: there could be civil investigation. if you look at the statement from the dni, state department and c.i.a. do not add up for what the administration said before the between-week pe
public service including ambassador chris stevens. what lessons must we learn from that and how do we protect diplomats. that's the question, secretary clinton has ordered an investigation and review of the process led by one of the most respected people in washington, ambassador tom pickering and that process should not be politicized. that committee needs to take the time and the care -- what's happening is this entire process h has been politicized. we ought to put our emphasis on finding out what happened. i think that's where this debate should be. >> i want to talk about that point more in a moment. an interesting "new york times" headline today saying that the men the u.s. suspects being behind the attacks is literally snubbing the the u.s. and walking around without being questioned on the streets of libya right now. but earlier today, state department spokeswoman was asked if the state department was made aware of what the intelligence community knew within 24 hours of the attacks. that is, that extremists led the attack. of course in contrast to what susan rice said on the s
state department personnel including ambassador christopher stevens raised concerns about the shortage of security in beeghazi months before the september 11th terrorist attack. ambassador stevens himself wrote about security threats in june, august and the very day that he was murdered. meanwhile, military sources telling fox news that the terrorist attack may have been part of a broader campaign to drive a growing american presence out of eastern libya. yet the administration continues to refuse to admit what any fact at all and threat assessments ignored, requests for security there were ignored, and the reality on the ground resulted in the murder of four americans in libya. and as much as the president mmght now want us to believe that he declared the murders in benghazi to be a terrorist attack just the day after they occurred, the public record -- as we have repeatedly reported and demonstrated -- is contrary to his statement. joining us now for a critical look at the president's, well, changing positions on the september 11th attacks and the liberal media's inability to, in som
for the market. we're talking right now with our market strategist. in a moment, steven wood of russell investments will join me. ralph, i want to kick this off with you. for a while you have been very, very bullish on this market. you it would me this market will climb a wall of worry. you have been right for a long time on this prediction. anything about today's trading and these earnings that we're seeing change your mind on this? >> not at all. maria, we've been doing literally sideways for the last four weeks. right now, being very, very technical, the market sitting on the low end of that range at 13,325. i suspect we'll break it down. so we drop another 5% or so. i think this is a golden buying opportunity if you're long-term. i want to own the exons. i want to own the ges. i want to own the travelers. this is a great buying opportunity. i've been tweeting people saying if you're a trader, you have to be defensive. >> given the fact the fundamentals are in the all that great, i mean, how do you justify buying stocks when you see revenue growth where it is? >> well, yes, i think m
. de 35 combat missions. steven ambrose, the poet laureate of military heroes said george mcgovern was as great a patriot as he ever knew. he had the trust, confidence and love of his crew. and his acts of courage were just enormous. and i think that we owe him an enormous debt, steven ambrose said i just want to show you that don't have to be a hawk to be a great patriots. and george mc2k3w06 earn was that he was a great patriot. he devoted his energy to feeding the hungry and trying to stop the united states from two wars we shouldn't have gone into, vietnam and iraq. and i just think he should be remembered for that leadership rather than just the 1972 race. >> the descriptions of the planes he brought back home after they had been shot up were incredible descriptions of things he did. he was an incredibly decent man throughout his senate and even the presidential runs, just incredibly nice. if i could make a cheap political point, he wrote a piece in 1992 for "the wall street journal" after he retired. he bought a b & b, bed & breakfast in con, and he wrote a piece saying
them off. that's all. thank you for listening. >> chairman nolan: next speaker please. >> steven zavtoski, terry and ms. doyle. >> thank you for the time and opportunity to speak to you, i am a professor at the universities of san francisco in environmental studies and i serve as sustainability director at college of arts and sciences. in that capacity one of the projects i've been spearheading is to improve infrastructure amenities for bicyclists on our campus. we're seen the number of bicyclists grow and we feel we can increase that growth even more. it will help us meet some of our goals. we have a parking crunch around our campus. it will also help us meet the city's goal of of 20% by 2020. we did a survey last fall and we found when asked why people chose not to ride their bike to campus there were three primary reasons. first was theft, concerned about bikes being stolen. we will build covered secured parking on campus. second was safety, fear of riding in city traffic, especially -- on fell and oak, the major arteries that people have to ride or cross to get to campus. the
county police say they've now arrested the man responsible for this. the name michael steven mckenney. the 32-year-old is hosting a whole host of charging including burglary and video taping without consent. >>> a second man has now been linked to a plot to blow up the federal reserve bank in new york. the new york times reports the young man is under arrest in san diego on child pornography charges. the suspect, howard billy -- is now charged. >>> a senior security official killed in a car bomb attack in beirut, lebanon it happened today. the head of lebanon national police intelligence unit was among eight who died in the attack. in all about 80 people were wounded. >>> well police now think they know what caused that crash to kill the prince george's county police officer on his way home yesterday. this is the second death in two months, the third in two years. bruce declan is live. >> reporter: the message is wear your seat belts. as you said this is the third unbuckled prince george's police officer to died in the last two years. but this this case police believe that a 61
/11, this is ambassador stevens he write as cable in which he writes he is "concerned about security, the growing problems in security in benghazi and growing frustration with libyan security forces too weak to keep the country secure." he would be murder add few hours after signing that cable to the state department. the lt. colonel talks about that and gets emotional in the interview. take another listen to a different clip from the interview. >> i can tell you are emotional about it. the ambassador was killed, first one since 1979. he was your friend. >> he is the president's personal representative. it is a huge thing to have a loss like that. i grieve for his loss and the loss of the nation. >>reporter: we reported on fox accept 19 that intelligence folks said in 24 hours that they thought it was terrorism, they in the it al qaedaback-linked groups that were behind this attack, and they sent that up the chain. what was happening today is that the associated press and other organizations saying the station chief on the ground said that and that is where the reports going today. the disconduct with the
'm larry kudlow, this is "the kudlow report." so 37 days after the murder of ambassador chris stevens and three others, president of the united states coldly and heartlessly calls the deaths, and i quote, "not optimal," end qu
at the same, even steven. is reagan too radical for fox news and neil cavuto? neil: as i told you before, reagan in the 1986 tax tried to close loopholes to rid of special allowances and credits. right to make sure you expand the tax base and those avoiding paying did not. you're right about that. but the idea was to close loopholes preventing many from paying taxes. this is what i want to ask you. you trust the government to handle this. i do not. you give the government virtue that i do not share. you don't -- >> you put words in my mouth. neil: you address the enterprise, i do not. >> listen, neil, you can't count the number of times we've sued government so don't put words in my mouth. i want the people in control of the government. i don't want a few corporations to turn and control majority members of congress and shovel cash to nullify votes. that's number one. number two, mitt roulette romney is so far to the right neil: doesn't have a good ring to it. >> so far to the right of reagan, so far to the right of nixon, and so are the republicans in congress. we're dealing here with a
falling today. the stock has been down because of slow growth in customer sales. steven anderson in a restaurant ann list. he has a buy rating of o $335 price target. jeffrey joins us with the neutral waiting on the stock. steven, let me kick off with you. it is $100 higher than right now, that's 40%. that's a very bold call to maintain after what they told us, isn't it? >> certainly days of 40 multiples are not over. we think chipotle is making market share gains. and we think it was a bit conservative. >> how can they raise prices? how can they possibly raise prices, steven, when taco bell is already there with a lower price men you and potentially eating their lunch if you like. >> we disagree with that. it really did not change. so when taco pell introduced their new menu -- >> they have not raised prices yet. >> no they have not. >> so how can they raise prices and maintain their competition with tack toe bell. >> it's a different product. taco bell is coming from the same kitchen and condiments, chipotle offers a different product that is a different customer experience. >>
three months before the attack that killed ambassador stevens and three other americans someone planted an ied in the ledge of the consulate in benghazi. officials tell us that attack was designed to measure the security team's response time, another part of this pattern was another attack on another western target, the british ambassador's convoy. after that convoy was hit with an r-rb rpg the british withdrew from the area. there was an attack on the red cross. and they say the militant's message to the west is get out. >> i don't think they want the western influence there, i think they said, you're unwelcome go away, and therefore when we go in, when we are unwelcome i think we can expect rough treatment. >> reporter: that rough treatment from the libyan militants has been bolstered by a lot of weapons in libya that have been easier to come by since moammar qaddafi fell including portable surface to air missiles, martha. martha: a lot of speculation that that is exactly what the two former seals were looking for, they were trying to round up exactly those weapons. what is the datess
to ambassador stevens? >> no specific threats to him per se. but take a look at this facebook page the committee released not only a facebook page but it was one of this extremist groups that warned not only about -- there was a picture of chris stevens -- i think we're going to bring that picture up. but also said that they were very concerned about drone attacks in libya. and there was a u.s. drone actually, wolf, that actually targeted this group in libya, one of their training camps. >> elise, thanks very much for that report. let's get to our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin. she's been talking to her sources. she's getting reaction. what are you learning, jessica? >> wolf, the white house is not commenting on the document release, senior white house officials continue to maintain that in time officials back up what the administration was saying all along that this will prove to be not an attack that had been preplanned and in time we will probably learn that what susan rice had said on that morning show was accurate. but we will have to wait and see that over time as more int
the book on the biography of steven jobs, and apple sent you one of the first ipods, i believe, before it was released to the public, right? yeah, it was about a month before it had come out, so i could take a look at it. and the fiing i did with it, of course, was put it in a headphone jack, a set of headphones, and broke it. [ laughs ] so you didn't get a chance to review it as it was? they were very kind. they sent me another one on loan, so i could actually take a look at it, but it was a little embarrassing. oh, i'm sure it was. meredith lowmaster from quincy, massachusetts. tell me about your pet lizard. my pet lizard's name -- is it a gecko? no, it is not a gecko. it's a green anole. he's about four inches long. he's very cute. and his name iden. why dresden? it's actually a really lame pun. i named it after the main character of a book series named harry dresden, and s dres wizard. okay. glenn, you are in command of the board. make a selection, please, as we continue. let's take tropic of capricorn for $200, please. top of the category. glenn. what is australia? that's the coun
and in some cases ahead of him so i think we have an even steven race in the last 20 days. >> it's going like this. they'll tear each other's eyes out. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." >> my colleagues are in a rust belt road trip. ohio, iowa, and illinois. >> fair enough. >> cap action. we're releasing our romney you state reports. we just released iowa and north carolina this week. tom is traveling the states telling them why president romney would be horrible for them. >> princeton tigers three in a row. >> they play football? >> they can read and write. >> we're taking the road on the show. we'll see you next week from everywhere. florida. i'll be in cincinnati at some point. i think illinois, chicago, we'll see. all over. coming up next, chris jansing. bye-bye. when you take a closer look... ...at the best schools in the world... ...you see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our
this week he had his facts wrong. we should do what ambassador stevens' father asked us to do. allow the investigation to proceed. get to the bottom of this and find out what happened and who perpetrators were and bring temt to justice. that's what the president is doing. it will come out that governor romney hasn't outlined specific plans of his own. the fact is he hasn't outlined a plan to end the war in afghanistan. he criticized the president for saying we would have troops home by the end of 2014. he said he would have left 10,000 to 20,000 troops in iraq. i don't think what the american people want are endless wars. and the fact is governor romney hasn't provided plans of his own. just chest thumping and tough talk when it comes to foreign policy. >> can i tell you what a top campaign told politico. the campaign had the biggest campaign fund-raising day in history includes 2008. do you want to break news here? give us numbers. >> unfortunately i can't provide the number with you. that report was absolutely correct. you have seen momentum in states as well. it's translated into
obama. we learned there are people like reverend stevens who doesn't feel strongly about obama or romney. charles perry is in chicago working in the neighborhood where there's lots of violence. he's trying to get those people out to vote. you know, we've looked at a variety of people and their different perspectives and issues concerning the re-election campaign. >> mark, given the disproportionate effect of the recession on african-americans, are you picking up through the work in this documentary, are you picking up an anger towards this president? blame perhaps? making him responsible for this? >> i think there's a frustration, as there is with almost all americans that the recovery has been slower than everyone would imagine, and i guess i would add to what sam said that the thrill is gone. you know, when you mentioned that statistic. it's not history in the making as it was in 2008. but i think what is replacing it, which is interesting, is there's a real sense that president obama, there's a lot been thrown his direction. i mean, from a governor wagging her finger in his face and s
were not members of chris stevens' security team. they were a half mile away from the consulate and had to respond to calls for help. will they ever get the true hero status they deserve or will it take a back seat to politics? the host of "justice," judge jeanine per rose joins us now. >> good morning. happy birthday. >> steve: thank you very much. >> ali: why is the real story of where they were so important? >> it's important for several reasons. it continues the false narrative of the white house and the president by saying that these guys were involved in the security of the ambassador, suggests we had more security there and therefore, we weren't at fault and we were on top of our game. but it gets worse. the president's narrative is then compounded by susan rice who specifically says that these two guys were there to provide security to the ambassador. >> steve: they weren't. >> they were not. that is false. and this weekend on my show, i've got an exclusive from someone who was a former seal member, a teammate of glenn dougherty who says they absolutely were not there. in fact,
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